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Artistic Decorative Techniques

Want to take your concrete flooring to the next level? Consider our wide range of decorative concrete solutions. At Artistic Decorative Concrete, we offer various decorative techniques that can instantly add style and sophistication to any space. Not only is decorative concrete cost-effective, but it’s also low maintenance, suitable for indoor and outdoor areas, and, of course, extremely durable. Ideal for commercial and residential properties, concrete helps to keep properties cool in summer and warm in winter. The best part? If you already have an existing concrete floor, we will simply have to repair and resurface the area with a decorative concrete coating instead of demolishing and removing it.

decorative driveway concrete services

Decorative Stamped Concrete

Decorative overlay is a type of concrete finish that has many benefits. It can be applied to a garage floor, driveway, patio, or even the interior of your home. In this article, we will discuss some of these benefits. Also, we will cover how to prepare the surface of your concrete to receive this type of finish. To ensure that you are able to use the decorative overlay in a high-traffic area, you will want to prepare the surface first. First, evaluate the current concrete surface. Check the subgrade, too. If there are any large cracks or other major structural damage, this could cause problems later. If the surface has loose materials, the overlay might not stick.

Then again, if the surface has large cracks, the concrete will not adhere to it properly. If there is too much moisture, it may not adhere well. Once the surface is prepared, you can apply the decorative overlay. The decorative overlay finish can be ultra-smooth, or heavily textured. The type of finish you choose will depend on the overlay system and the tools used to apply it. Spray-applied toppings, for example, produce knock-down texture, while hand-applied micro toppings and skim coats are typically applied using rubber squeegees. If you want an even more subtle finish for your stamped concrete overlay, texturing skins may be the way to go.

Decorative Overlays

Overlays are very thin layers of cement, often about an eighth to quarter-inch thick. They can also be reinforced with other magical ingredients like polymers. Overlays will last for several years if the surface is properly prepared. Depending on the type of overlay, a well-prepared surface is crucial to its longevity. The overlay can be applied to an existing floor within 90 minutes. You must also consider the existing surface conditions of the concrete before applying it. Overlays do improve the condition of the concrete, but they can’t fix every issue. Your underlying concrete should be in good shape for your new decorative overlay to adhere properly. They will hide surface imperfections and give the concrete a facelift. If your existing concrete is cracked and chipped, you’ll need to repair it.

If you want to transform your concrete into a beautiful floor, there are several decorative overlay options available. These options can provide a beautiful, upscale look for your garage, or add value to your home. Decorative overlays are more affordable than other options for flooring. Stamped overlays require only a thin coating on the surface. Even if you don’t like the look of natural stone, decorative concrete overlays can give you the same look for less. Decorative overlays are an excellent way to breathe new life into concrete surfaces. They can give your floors a glossy appearance that matches your decor and is more beautiful than bare concrete. Most overlays are installed over an existing challenging area floor. You will need to buy enough stamps to cover a 12-foot path. It will take about 12 stamps to complete the task.

Residential Concrete Removal Company

The concrete of your home is looking boring to you due to its style or cracks. It is the right time to repair or remove it and exchange it for a new or customized one. Similarly, if your office parking lot concrete shows visible cracks, the concrete cracks repair service can save it from more damage.

A Concrete removal company can serve you with the best quality removing and exchanging material. Residential concrete removal companies in Laurel Montana, Lockwood MT, Bozeman MT, Columbus MT, Huntley MT, and Park City MT also have services for commercial space concrete construction and repair. These companies can repair or remove concrete from your place with the best quality material.

Structural Concrete Contractor

Having a beautiful home with a strong structure is not a dream anymore. You can have a structural concrete home according to your design. You can also repair and change your home structure with style through residential structural concrete repair services. The contractors for structural concrete constructions also offer the other best-repairing services.

A structural concrete contractor can understand that a structure is something that must be strong and stays last longer. Structural concrete contractors deal with residential and commercial concrete services. They have broad exposure and experience. They can deal with any structural concrete material, especially with steel building concrete slabs. They know how to save your space with quality work while caring for your budget.

Residential Stamped Concrete Company

For having low maintenance and cost-effective concrete, Stamped concrete is the most suitable option for you. You can easily have an aesthetic look of your home because it is installed quickly. It will serve you well for many years. Many residential and commercial concrete contractors offer their services while caring for your property and budget.

The sophisticated look of any space can take the attention of many.  Residents of Laurel Montana, Lockwood MT, Bozeman MT, Columbus MT, Huntley MT, and Park City MT can have different concrete services at their place. The residential concrete company offers different services including concrete construction and concrete resurfacing services. The experienced staff from a stamped concrete company can enhance the look of your space in no time.

Stamped Concrete Services for Home

Well-maintained decorative Stamped concrete can last up to many years. It is a fantastic choice for giving an aesthetic look to your space. With the best design and durable material, your stamped concrete will look stunning for years.  Whether you want it for your office or home, you can customize it with the help of professionals.

You would not want to change your already customized stamped concrete with a new one. Many companies offer concrete resurfacing services contrary to installing a new one. You can renew your design while having the luxury of affordability. Your home will look much more appealing than before. Stamped concrete also adds versatility to your home. Stamped concrete repair companies have professional staff that can transform the look of your space in no time.

Concrete Slabs Repair Services

A concrete slab is a structural feature that constructs to provide flat surfaces. Additionally, it is durable and affordable as well. Sometimes your concrete slab needs repairing due to cracks. Or you want to exchange it for a new one. A professional service for concrete slab installation and concrete slab repairing is necessary for better results.

A Concrete slab installation is skillful work. But repairing concrete slabs needs more efficiency to save the look as a whole. With time, Concrete Slabs of residential and commercial spaces need repairing services for better structure and look. Structural concrete slab requires more professional services, which is only possible from concrete slab repairing contractors that can save your space in no time.

Monolithic Slabs Services

Monolithic slabs are one of the most popular foundations because it has long-lasting durability. Also, a monolithic slab takes less time and less cost for construction. Monolithic concrete slabs provide better resistance against different kinds of weather. Because it neither freeze during the winter season nor gets very hot during the summer season. Also, a monolithic slab takes less time for construction.

Monolithic slabs need low maintenance. So, they last longer a period. Residents of Laurel Montana, Lockwood MT, Bozeman MT, Columbus MT, Huntley MT, and Park City MT have many monolithic slabs providers. These providers provide quality monolithic slabs and related services. Monolithic slab services need less labor work. So, the service for monolithic slabs can be avail in less time.

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It is the use of concrete as an aesthetic improvement rather than a simple grey structure. These often have wonderful designs. It is done to boost the curb appeal of the area.

Regular dusting and vacuuming are good ways to keep it fresh. If there are spills, wipe them with a clean wet or dry cloth depending on the spill. If it is outdoors, a pressure washer might do the trick on a tough stain.

With proper installation and maintenance, a decorative concrete overlay can last for 10-15 years. However, factors such as exposure to harsh weather conditions or heavy foot traffic can shorten its lifespan.